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BMW Motorcycle Handlebars Violently Shaking

By: Sepehr Daghighian, Esq.

BMW is a German manufacturer that has been designing, manufacturing, and producing luxury vehicles and motorcycles since 1916. The multinational company is headquartered in Munich and produces luxury vehicles all over the world, primarily in the US, UK, India, China, South Africa, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico.

BMW motorcycles, or Motorrads as it’s often called, boasts a massive spread of luxury lineup, including sports, tour, heritage, adventure, and more. BMW Motorcycles claims to offer dynamic user experience and driver-oriented machines with high reliability. However, the latest consumer report satisfaction polls seem to have a contradicting opinion. There have been several user complaints and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) investigations in the past few years. This occurred as a result of customer dissatisfaction with the BMW motorcycles, which has led to uncertainty surrounding the motorcycles’ worth and reliability.

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What is the handlebar issue in the BMW Motorrads?

Below is a brief list of the BMW Motorcycle Models currently under investigation:

    • K 1600 GT
    • K 1600 B
    • K 1600 GTL
    • K 1600 Grand America

In 2019, after receiving a significant number of complaints regarding instability and vibrations from handlebars in BMW motorcycle, NHTSA opened an investigation and described the issue as follows: “While riding at highway speeds or decelerating, the front handlebars may oscillate and shake violently causing the operator/rider to lose control of the bike potentially resulting in injury or death.”

The instability of the vehicle can result in extremely dangerous accidents if not resolved immediately. Most people say that slight vibrations in motorcycles can be ignored as it seems to diminish over time. However, the expectations are much higher when paying high prices and opting for a luxury motorcycle from a reputable brand such as BMW.

A user of the BMW K-16 model described the issue as, “When reaching speeds of 60+ the bike shakes violently during high winds or behind trucks. Switching lanes is even scarier. To enhance this issue all you have to do is raise your wind screen and fully open up the air vents on the sides of the bike. For have your PSI on tires at 40 or Below”.

Another user further expanded on the issues and stated: “This motorcycle is unstable in any wind condition at highway speeds. It is severely buffeted enough to cause fear in an experience rider. I am fairly certain that, when this occurs, the bike is at the limits of the envelop of stability and expect it to wobble or weave into deadly oscillations (not sure what this says?). The dealers should warn people not to buy this machine. I have been riding for 50 years on all types of motorcycles and this is the most unstable I have ever ridden.”

From all the user complaints, this appears to be an extremely serious potentially life-threatening issue. 

What can I Do if My BMW Motorcycle Has Been Vibrating and Shaking?

If you have noticed any of the issues discussed above, such as continuous and vigorous vibrations, unusual sounds, instability, or other such problems, California’s lemon law is here to protect you. CAA is equipped with a set of experienced motorcycle lemon law lawyers ready to help you find a solution to your problem. Our lawyers are well versed in issues plaguing BMW Motorcycles and are experts in lemon law. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation regarding your motorcycle. 

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