Dodge RAM trucks lined up at dealership.

Common Defects in RAM 1500, 2500, and 3500 Trucks

By: Michael H. Rosenstein, Esq.

Dodge trucks date back to 1927, when they were sold under the “Graham” name.  While the brand has a long legacy of building trucks, the RAM pickup truck mark dates back to 1981, when it was first introduced by Chrysler under then President and CEO Lee Iacocca.  Now, RAM is a division of Chrysler’s parent company, FCA (Fiat-Chrysler-Automobiles) US LLC.  

While it’s true that RAM trucks have built themselves a positive overall reputation in the market over the last few years, they have also been dealing with numerous complaints across different models and have been subject to several investigations. Common issues include engine defects, jerky transmissions, death wobbles, suspension issues, electronics problems and other serious defects.  

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What Are Some Common Issues in RAM 1500, 2500 and 3500 Trucks? 

Over the past several years, RAM truck owners have increasingly complained of a variety of issues with their trucks.  Among other things, the most common complaints include:

TIPM Complaints: The TIPM or Totally Integrated Power Module has been the subject an incredible number of complaints across Chrysler vehicle lines.  The TIPM is the central power distribution center for Chrysler vehicles and, when it fails, any number of other vehicle systems will fail.  Notably, RAM truck owners have complained of issues with: Horns going off randomly, Vehicle stalls and no starts, Power windows not working or spontaneously activating, Fuel pump issues, Doors locking/unlocking, Cooling fans failing, and a variety of other serious issues.  

Engine Complaints: RAM trucks have suffered a variety of extremely serious engine issues.  These issues have included Cam and Lifter Failures, Exhaust manifold failures, Compression issues, Coolant leaks, Engine stalls, Cylinder head failure, Engine failure, Illuminated check engine lights and a variety of other serious problems.  As one owner of a 2016 1500 Ram Big Horn described the problems, “[My engine] was fixed under the power train warranty but took 4 weeks to fix and it took Ram 3 weeks to get me a loaner which was hardly anything good. Not pleased with the service at all… they failed me saying rear brakes were bad and they had no parts to replace, and would take a week to get for a price of $1000 to do brakes all around. Crazy.”

Transmission Issues: Transmission issues resulting in shifting problems have also been extremely common in RAM trucks.  RAM owners commonly complain of jerky shifts, late shifts, slow acceleration, clunky shifts, and other problems.  As one owner of a new RAM 1500 Promaster described the issues, “The transmission started missing 3rd gear initially at about 300 miles then at 500 miles it started jumping from 3rd to 5th or 6th!! Absolutely no power and would start howling and whining.”  

Dead Battery: Several new owners of the 2019 RAM 1500 had an issue with an unexplainable dead battery on their new purchase. A user explained the problems as, “Purchased a brand new 2019 Ram 1500 Limited and waited for delivery, drove it nearly 90 miles over two days. On the 3rd day(Sun), the check engine light came on while driving and shortly later the charging icon flashed momentarily before going off. The battery gauge showed the main battery at 1/4 charge” 

Extreme vibrations and erratic sounds: In normal scenarios, vibrations in cars are usually caused due to a lose or a defective tire whereas squealing and cackling sounds  indicate an issue with the brakes or the engine. The owner of a 2017 RAM 3500 expressed their frustration against the vibrations as: “I’ll never buy another Ram again…. they don’t care about fixing the problem…my truck vibrates down the road at 70+ so bad you’d think its gonna bounce off the road… 190 days in the shop and no solution!!!” Another user of the 2019 RAM 1500 described the sounds as, “Driving home last night, caught a god awful noise, squealing, followed shortly by the air conditioning going hot. Assuming the compressor went belly up. Automation service department were not welcoming without an appointment, even though you could hear the truck from a good city block away.

What Can I Do if RAM Truck Has Suffered Excessive Issues?

The issues discussed above are just a few amongst a much more extensive list of problems that we’ve heard about from RAM truck owners. If you can relate to any of the topics addressed or other defects, CCA’s set of experienced lawyers are here to guide you out of the scramble and find a fair solution. Our lawyers are well versed in issues plaguing all of the RAM truck models. Please feel free to reach out to us for a free and hassle-free consultation regarding your vehicle. 

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