Lincoln Navigator in front of car dealership.

Common Lincoln Navigator Defects

By: Sepehr Daghighian, Esq.

Lincoln Navigator is a full-size luxury SUV manufactured and sold by the Ford Motor Company since the year 1998. It features Lincoln’s largest cargo space and is the first to offer a 6-seater space in the non-limousine line. While the Navigator is the company’s largest and grandest model, it has come to reveal numerous, serious defects that have troubled its owners for years.

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What Are Some Common Defects That Occur in the Lincoln Navigator?

Despite being a high-end, luxury vehicle, the Navigator has been subject to several defects; large and small.  While we’ve heard a large number of complaints about the Navigator, some of the most commonly occurring ones are about defects in the air suspension, engine issues, and electronics/infotainment system issues.

One of the common issues faced by Navigator owners are engine problems that manifest as stalling and knocking sounds. This issue has been reported by several users across different models of the Lincoln Navigator. For example, a user of the 2018 Navigator L select described the issue as: “The vehicle developed an engine knocking sound. I left it at the dealership and it’s still there. The dealership states back-ordered parts. If you drive professionally my opinion is this vehicle isn’t ready for prime-time or any type of fleet work. The transmission failed at 75000 miles and it took 3 weeks to replace.”

Another user of the 2019 Navigator experienced stalling and explained the issue, “I purchased a 2019 Lincoln Navigator with odometer disclosure of 16 miles. On its first outing my wife drove the car. Made her first stop in the city, car would not start, at this point we owned the car for less than 100 miles. The local dealer installed a new battery, the car starts and after a while the car stalls in the middle in the center of a busy intersection.” A stall can be extremely dangerous in some situations; it also increases the risk of fatal accidents and injuries.

The Lincoln Navigator has also fallen prey to numerous complaints against its electrical system. Many of the complaints stated an issue with the SUV’s lift gate. An owner of the 2018 Navigator stated, “Back liftgate opens randomly. Dealer has replaced two parts involved and happened again yesterday. Seems to be when you shut one of the front doors firmly and lock the car w keyfob twice. I suspect the air pressure from shutting door and keyfob action cause this. But problem persists. Car was stationary every time.”

What Can I Do if My Lincoln Navigator is Subject to Any of The Defects Mentioned Above?

If your Lincoln Navigator has been experiencing any of the issues discussed above or others specific to your SUV, CCA lawyers are here to handle your case and protect your vehicle from further complications; all this at no cost at all to you. CCA is staffed by a strong and experienced team of lawyers that are well aware of complicated vehicle cases and have exceptional outcomes for their clients in the past.

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