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Tesla Model X – A Futuristic SUV with Everyday Issues

By Michael H. Rosenstein, Esq.

The Tesla Model X is a new-age, electric luxury SUV made and manufactured by Tesla. According to recent updates, newer models of Tesla X might be one of the greenest and fastest SUVs ever produced in the automobile sector. However, in spite of the numerous accolades received by Tesla, the Model X has been subject to several complaints and issues over the last 5 years. The complaints range from something as simple as tricky door seals, to more complicated ones such as dangerous third-row seats and frequent screen freezes.  Even Elon Musk himself admitted in 2016 the myriad of issues afflicting the Model X, “This [Model X] program has been challenging. I particularly need to fault myself for a fair bit of hubris for putting too much technology all at once into a product… In retrospect the right thing to do with the Model X would have been to take a lot of the really awesome cool things and table them for a future version.”

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What Are the Common Problems in Tesla Model X?

Tesla is a customer-oriented automaker with high-quality standards, yet their products have been facing some serious complaints over the years. Majority of the complaints revolve around the following:

  • Problems with Falcon Doors: Numerous Tesla customers have faced serious issues with their innovative, yet over-the-top falcon doors. According to Model X customers, the doors feel flimsy and over time, they run into serious functionality issues. Again, even Elon Musk admitted to the problems with the falcon doors on the Model X: “In particular, the software that controls the Model X and the operation of the doors has been incredibly difficult to refine and getting the complex set of sensors to work well [has been difficult to refine]. I think we’re almost there in making the doors useful.” 
  • Powertrain Issues: While the Model X uses a modern electric powertrain, the powertrain has been subject to a wide range of problems, such as stalling, low range, charging issues, and other defects.
  • Random Squeaks and Rattles: Like other Tesla models, the Model X has been plagued with annoying rattles, squeaks, and other fit/finish issues.
  • Steering Problems: The Tesla X comes with the all-wheel drive functionality and other impressive steering features. However, there seems to be a serious issue when it comes to turns. The feature does not seem to be of much use on twisty roads, in fact, it could be potentially dangerous in some situations.  Other steering issues mentioned by users are regarding unexpected steering locks. A user of Model X described the issue as, “Suddenly cannot turn steering wheel while driving, Would you risk the lives of your family to drive a car whose steering wheel could suddenly get locked? I wouldn’t. On 4th, June, 2017, I was driving this 2-month-old Tesla Model X. While I was making a turn at one of the downward passage, the steering wheel could not move all of a sudden, and a warning popped up saying Car Need Service/Steering Assist Reduced. Then a while later the steering wheel could move again allow me to finish the turn, but then stopped working again leaving me stuck in the car park”.
  • Body Finish Issues: Despite being a luxury vehicle, Tesla Model X has received a myriad of complaints regarding it’s imperfect finishing. Problems have been spotted regarding alignment, gaps in windows, discoloration, torn carpeting, and more. A user posted some photos of his shabby brand new Tesla Model X and expanded on this issue, “My brand new Tesla finally got delivered to my home full of surprises. When I complained I was told “This is the American workmanship at its best and I should overlook the flaws and defects and stick with the innovation benefits of it”. No one deserves to buy a new car with such steeped price and accept the cracked frame and repainted body”

While Tesla Model X models from 2015 to 2020 have all received these complaints, the 2017 Model X seems to be the most affected.

What Can I Do if My Tesla Has Been Problematic?

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