Man in Audi with start/stop delays.

Start/Stop Delays in Audi Models

By: Michael H. Rosenstein, Esq.

Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, manufactures, produces, and markets luxury vehicles with nine production facilities worldwide. It is a member of the popular Volkswagen group and over the years, Audi has developed a strong reputation as a luxury car maker.  Despite possessing a reputable position in the market, it has fallen prey to several user complaints that have advanced to class-action lawsuits against the brand. A faulty start/stop technology in the Audi models has attracted several complaints leading up to recent lawsuit about the faulty start/stop system.

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What Are the Start/Stop Delay Issues Affecting Audis?

Over the last few years, several Audi models have been targeted in lawsuits because of the vehicles’ faulty start/stop technology. The start/stop system was developed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by automatically shutting off the engine when it comes to a halt, like at a traffic light or stop sign. This feature is also designed to seamlessly turn back on once the brake is released. The complaints state that the start/stop switches off automatically even when driving at low speeds. Thus, a delay in functionality suggests a faulty design problem, which can also be potentially dangerous when operating a vehicle with such a defect. Drivers have also reported that, when the engine manages to finally turn on, the vehicle suddenly jolts forward instead of gradually increasing in speed. 

A plaintiff described the issues as follows: “The start-stop system automatically switches off the engine when the car is moving at a low speed or is stopped, for example at traffic lights, and starts it automatically when the speed increases or the journey continues. As the car is braking to a standstill, the system switches off the engine and signals this via a symbol on the dashboard. When you release the brake pedal to continue on your journey, the engine starts, and the symbol on the dashboard is removed. When the Audi comes to a stop, at a traffic light, for instance, the control unit shuts off the engine. The driver must keep the brake pedal depressed (automatic transmission) or release the clutch pedal (manual transmission). A powerful starter energized by a heavy-duty, deep-cycle battery restarts the engine quickly and easily when the driver releases the brake or steps on the clutch again to engage a gear.”

An owner of a 2020 Audi Q3 further expanded on the issues: “Auto stop/start system lags, causing the steering wheel to lock up, preventing a turn through an intersection, or into a shopping area! This occurred as I was attempting a turn, from a complete stop, into a strip shopping center, in the Baltimore area.”

Apart from the issues discussed above, reports state that a problem also occurs when the driver buckles his seatbelt and pushes the ignition button, but the button glitches and fails to start the engine. 

What are the legal actions that have been taken to address the faulty start/stop system in the Audi vehicles?

Since this issue has been prevalent in different models across the Audi lineup, it has managed to attract quite a bit of legal attention around the world. Attorneys are further looking into the issue to determine if a certain manufacturing malfunction is causing the problem so that a class action lawsuit can be filed on behalf of the affected Audi owners.

A successful lawsuit may help those affected to get reimbursed by Audi and may also force Audi to order a recall for the remaining defected vehicles. 

What Can I Do if My Vehicle is Facing Any of the Issues Discussed Above?

If your Audi has been facing any issues regarding the automatic start/stop system or if you have been noticing the problems discussed above, please reach out to the attorneys at CCA as we are here to understand your problems and provide you with viable solutions for your defected vehicle. Our firm is equipped with a team of experienced and committed lawyers who are ready to guide you in the right direction.

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